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Get People To Want Your Products In Less Than 90 Seconds Without Sounding "Salesy"

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June 15th, 2022

18:00 Vienna Time

Limited Spots

"Whoever has a story to tell, wants to know how attractive it is and how to improve it is at the right place here. The Vienna Pitch Training is a great opportunity to test your ideas in front of a crowd and get some honest and appreciative feedback on it. Thank you very much Juan!"


Struggling To Communicate Your Business?

The Vienna Pitch Training is a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, experts come to improve the way they pitch their business.

A free, monthly meet-up designed for you to master your elevator pitch, get feedback on your idea, and connect with other local entrepreneurs.

  • Transform your elevator pitch
  • Get dedicated feedback
  • Connect with other founders
  • Gain insights on pitching


What you’ll Learn


How to eliminate confusion in your message by simplifying your ideas.


How to create interest to hook your audience so that they listen to your message


How to get people to see the value in your product without sounding "salesy"

What They Say

The Vienna Pitch Training was a fantastic opportunity to talk in front of an audience and get constructive feedback and improve the skills needed to attract attention to your idea. Thank you so much Juan for sharing your wisdom 🎉🤩

Carina Zehetmaier

Vienna Pitch Training, organized by Juan, brings a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to unfold any doubts about their pitch and gain the needed confidence for when presenting in front of clients/investors. Honest feedback goes a long way to polishing your idea and this meetup is the place to get it.


It was a great experience! Great idea and valuable content, thank you Juan Guerra! 👏  I encourage everyone to come to this training at Talent Garden Vienna!


About Your Host

Juan Guerra

Founder of Inspiring Speaking and host of the Vienna Pitch Training, Juan is a storytelling consultant and trainer helping companies transform the way they talk about their products and services.

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