Discover The 3-Step System To Crafting A Business Story That Attracts, Connects, and Inspires Action

without sounding salesy!

90 second business

This Online Training Takes Place Thursday 11th of August @ 3pm Vienna Time (CET)

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Sasha Lipman

"I attended the webinar delivered by Juan, which was really insightful and helpful. It was not another "inspirational" wage content, but practical tips and clear message to remember and implement in my business operations. Highly recommend him!"


Founder, tech2impact Accelerator

Communicating Your Business Is Hard

What if you could talk about your business in a way that makes people realized by themselves that they need your products...?

If you are an entrepreneur, professional, consultant, coach, or marketer, and you feel like...

  • You struggle to show people the value of your product, ideas, or services
  • You struggle to get people interested in your message
  • You are just getting stuck in details that stop people from taking action
  • People don't understand how your products make their lives better

Then this training is for you!

  • Discover How To Tell Stories That Inspire
  • Get A Clear Action Plan On How To Move Forward
  • Accelerate Your Growth With Expert Input
  • Gain insights on your customers and business 

In This Online Training You'll Learn

The 3 secrets to persuasive storyselling

Secret #1 - How To Deliver Inspiring Stories

With the right system, everybody can use stories to inspire their audience regardless of the size or type.

Secret #2 - How To Avoid Pushing People Away

Stories are so powerful that if told the wrong the way they will actually push people away from you.

Secret #3 - How To Know Which Stories To Tell

Every audience has its own set of stories that are going to the most relevant to them at that time.

What They Say

The webinar last week was brilliant! Lots of useful and comprehensible tips as well as getting a different view. Especially for those who are convinced what they produce or provide but are no specialists in promoting!! Whenever you have the possibility to attend a workshop like this - don't hesitate.


I really enjoy Juan's impactful freebies like his online webinars! He knows obviously what he is talking about! His speeches are inspiring and change your previous view about storytelling. Thanks for that, Juan! 


I participated in Juan's workshop and found it very entertaining and interesting to follow. Juan really managed to convey some useful do's and dont's in storytelling which inspire to take action. The one thing I definitely will remember is not being the hero but the mentor during a sales conversation.

90 Second Business System


Hi, I'm Juan

I'm the founder of Inspiring Speaking and I'm on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs inspire people to take action so that they grow their impact and business.

I've put together this online training together to show you the power of storyselling and how you can easily tell stories that inspire.

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