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PURPOSE storytelling HAS THE

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Are you a Change Maker ready to...

  • STOP struggling to deliver confusing presentations that fails to connect.
  • STOP avoiding opportunities to speak in front of larger audiences.
  • STOP shying away from sharing your ideas and vision with others.
  • START telling a story that gets people inspired to take action.
  • START to dominate the stage, speak with confidence, and engage any audience.
  • START telling people about your movement and give them the clarity to join it.

If yes, then you've come to the right place.

"After my talk several people came to me and told me that they were touched, which was really heart-warming for me and gave me the confidence that my talk was structured in a good way"

Sandra Noll
Frames Of Life

What is

Inspiring Speaking?

Is a community of professionals, change makers, and leaders striving to make an impact through the power of purpose storytelling.

Together we help you go from struggling to simplify your message to telling a persuasive story that attracts, connects, and inspires people to take action.

Some organizations we've worked with

"Juan's profound knowledge in state of the art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training."

Roman Grochol
DHL Startup Lab

Ready To Become

An Inspiring Speaker?

Here is how we help you

Join The Community

Connect With Others

Become part of our community, connect with other leaders looking to make an impact, transform themselves, 

Comfort Zone
Employer Branding Program


Accelerate Growth

A 3 month program designed to accelerate your transformation.

Discover our SEP framework (Storytelling, Empathy, and Purpose) and see your impact and career grow.


To Your Company

Our 4-week signature challenge brings together your remote employees to develop their own inspiring keynote.

This online team building helps them master empathetic, storytelling, presentation, and leadership skills.

Types Of Customers

get Started on

Your Journey

1. Join The Community

Connect with other change makers looking to transform how they communicate.

2. Enrol In The Program

Accelerate your progress by enrolling in the Say It With A Story program.

3. Make An Impact

Bring your story and influence to audiences ready to make an impact.

"We learned to communicate our idea, how to structure our message, how to influence the audience and get their attention. Out of 30 teams, we inspired the audience and won the competition thanks to this coaching"

Petar Ivanov


Inspiring Speaking

We believe your ability to combine storytelling with presentation skills has the power to transform your life, your career, and the world.

I know this because 10 years ago I almost passed out while delivering a presentation, this pushed me to go on a journey to develop the skills.

Little that I knew it would transform my relationships, career, and life giving me access to unique opportunities I would have never gotten otherwise...

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