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What Is The

Inspiring Speaking Community?

It's a group of like minded professionals, change makers, and entrepreneurs coming together to accelerate their growth and impact through accountability, connection, and support.


Perfect For?

If you are looking to make an impact whether through your job, business, or career but, feel your presentation, communication, and storytelling skills are holding you back then this is for you.

This community will help you...

  • STOP confusing your audience with details
  • STOP struggling with presentation anxiety
  • STOP shying away from opportunities to present
  • and START inspiring your audience to take action
  • and START speaking with confidence
  • and START sharing your vision with the world

If this sounds like you, then you gotta give the community a try. There is no risk, you can always cancel your membership.


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Share your goals and progress

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5 Day Story Makeover Challenge

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Hi, I'm Juan and back in 2011, I delivered a presentation that went horribly wrong. Let's just say couldn't speak in public.

3 years later, I was jumping on planes going to speak in places like Iran, Georgia, Norway, and more!

Developing my storytelling skills and learning to manage my presentation anxiety have completely transformed not only my life and career, but also the lives of the people I'm able to help because of it.

But, I know, I could have done it all faster, only if there were people I could learn from, that I could connect with...

And that's exactly why I launched this membership.

accelerate your growth

The Inspiring Speaking 


As I began my journey to develop my skills, all I found were books and some outdated YouTube videos which were extremely helpful to get me started.

But eventually, I found myself on my own. Just me and the audience, experimenting, constantly testing and learning. Until, I began teaching my frameworks and coaching people.

That's when I discovered the power of the SEP framework. By combining Storytelling, Empathy, and Purpose, I was able to deliver highly emotional and engaging presentations that would connect with the audience regardless of their background.

Using this principles, my SEP framework has become the pillars of everything we do at Inspiring Speaking.

The question is not, will you be successful? The question is, can you hold on long enough to become successful...

I believe success comes to all of those that really go out of their way and consistently try, unfortunately it can take years if the person doesn't quit. Now, imagine how fast you can move by implementing the collective knowledge of the group.

Take A Look At What's

Happening Inside The Membership

Join the days you can and participate on your own schedule

A weekly activity for you to improve your skills.

Posting a story and wins of a community member

10 to 15 mins super focused live training with Q&A

20 min live coaching with a community member

Answering live questions submitted by the community


Extra Perks


Storytelling Fundamentals (Value $149)

An online course going over everything you need to start using stories to engage and persuade.


Perfect Pitch (Value $99)

A step-by-step training on how to simplify your message to develop a oneliner idea pitch that makes people want to take action without sounding "salesy"

All the support and strategy you need to accelerate your growth in one place.

It's like having a personal communication coach in your pocket!

We have coached people from these organizations

"Juan is an excellent host. His style is entertaining AND highly professional, PLUS his interaction with THE audience IS VERY natural. His dynamic voice JUST catches your attention and holds it throughout the event."

Jasmina Henniova

"Speaking in front of an audience, Juan is mastering the art of storytelling. With his enthusiasm he is able to really connect with the audience and fill the room with energy. Furthermore, he is excellent in training people how to structure their presentation"

Mariella Mangold
Talent Garden

"After 3 batches, Juan's knowledge and dedication has proven to be a great asset for our accelerator program. Through his storytelling workshops, he makes sure our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees to join their team."

Katharina Binder
Elevate Accelerator

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if I join and realized it's not my thing?

Nothing, you just cancel your membership and you get to keep access to the Bonus Courses.

Can I invite friends or my team to join the community with me?

Yes of course. Just share this page with them.

who should not BECOME A MEMBER?

For the community to have a real impact in your situation, 2 things need to take place.

  • First, you need to be willing to give input, share ideas, feedback, support others.
  • Second, you need to be willing to listen and implement the input given.

If your plan is to join the community and not implement any of the stuff discussed, critize others, believe there is nothing you can do, trying to be a victim or attack other members in the community, then you should not join.

At the same time, if we see this type of behaviour, we reserve the right to remove you from the group.

do I get private 1:1 coaching WITH JUAN if I BECOME A MEMBER?

No, that's is not included in the community. However, we do offer the following options for extra support:

  • You can apply for a 20 min live coaching. Every Thursday, a member is selected for a live, 1:1 coaching.
  • You can apply to join the 3-month program to work directly with Juan in small groups
  • You can ask your company to host the Say It With A Story Challenge

Is the Inspiring Speaking community paid?

Yes, while we do offer free email updates, we don't offer a free members group. We realized that by having a free group, not only people were less willing to take action and participate (meaning no growth), but also we weren't able to provide on the level of value we dreamed off.