Build The Movement That Creates The Change

Turn your message into a persuasive story that inspires action, makes an impact, and grows your brand at the Inspiring Speaking Storyselling Workshop

July 26th & 27th, 2022

Tell Your Story

Make An Impact

Change The World

You may have the best cause in the world, but if you can't get others onboard, that'll be the end of it.

Yes, your success and impact are related to your ability to communicate your vision effectively. At the Inspiring Speaking Storyselling Workshop, you'll be able to work on both in 48 hours, and get hands-on feedback to ensure you know you are doing it right.

  • Get dedicated coaching and feedback on your story from Juan.
  • Get access to all live training sessions, as well as, the private group chat.
  • Do it all from the comfort of your office or living room!
  • Develop the only 4 stories you need to inspire action.
  • Eliminate confusion, build trust, and position yourself as an expert. 
  • Get a 3-step strategy to bring your cause in front of more people.

You struggle to clarify your message not because you don't know what to do or say, but because you are just too close to your business...

The Inspiring Speaking Storyselling Workshop gives you the external, expert support you need to figure things out.

What Is The Inspiring Speaking Storyselling Workshop?

It's a 2-day workshop designed to help you turn your message into a persuasive presentation you can deliver from stages around the world to inspire change.

  • Master your storytelling skills even if you are an introvert
  • Inspire people to take action without sounding salesy
  • Develop a persuasive presentation you can deliver to people across the world
  • Grow your brand and build your authority
  • Eliminate confusion, build trust, and position yourself as an expert
  • Discover how to easily get your story in front of people

Included With Your Registration

  • Access to the presentations delivered live by Juan
  • Group coaching session to accelerate growth
  • Digital workbooks, templates, and scripts
  • Access to the recordings within 24 hours after the event, available for 2 weeks!

It's time to share your message with the world

1. Register For The Storyselling Workshop

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2. Turn Your Message Into A Persuasive Story

Implement the step-by-step system.

3. Share It With People Across The World

Inspire people around the world to be the change in the world.

Get hands-on support to make sure you are doing things right.

During the workshop, you'll have access to Juan's expertise allowing to ask questions, get ideas, and feedback tailored to your style and experience to guarantee your success.

  • Get immediate input on your story from Juan.
  • Finally get the certainty to create and deliver presentations that inspire.
  • After the 2-Day Workshop, you'll have the confidence to do things right.
  • Get a clear plan of action to take with you to accelerate your growth.


For Whom Is The Workshop Perfect For?

From supply chain to NGOs, whether B2B or B2C, if you are working hard to bring change to the world, then developing a persuasive presentation that educates people and inspires them to take action is essential for your cause.





Whether in front of 5 or 5000, in-person or virtually, if you are to inspire change, the stage is the best place to make it happen

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to build their brand, raise awareness of their business, and share their knowledge with their audiences.
  • Professionals / Managers / Executives looking to grow their careers, improve their leadership skills, share their knowledge and increase their salary, while sharing their learnings with their audiences.
  • Coaches / Consultants looking to grow their personal brand, build their authority, and inspire their audiences to take action.
  • Activists looking to bring their message to audiences around the world, build trust and urgency and inspire them to join their cause

Will The Recordings Be Sent Afterwards?

Yes, within 48 hours of the event, the recordings will be uploaded and participants given 2 weeks access to watch the videos. After the 2 weeks have passed, access will be removed for all participants.

What If I Would Like Extra Support?

We do offer the VIP option for those that would like to get extra support regarding the development of their skills, the content, and the implementation of the material. 

Can I Attend The Workshop With Other People?

You can, just keep in mind that only one person would have access. This means, they can watch with you the sessions, but they don't have direct access to the materials, group questions.

Is There Anything To Prepare In Advance?

Yes, you will need to complete a 30 min task and submitted before the event starts.

Who Should NOT Take Part In This Workshop?

You definitely should NOT join if...

  • You are not able to commit the time it takes to be part of the sessions, complete the tasks, and actively join the discussions.
  • You have absolutely no experience delivering presentations or the need to deliver them in the near future.
  • You are not interested in connecting with other participants or provide them with supportive feedback.
  • You are planning to use the workshop community to sell your products and services to fellow students.

What They Say

Juan's profound knowledge in state-of-the-art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. 
Startup Lab, DHL

I very much appreciated your training and we are already implementing some of your methodology in our communication approach.

Alexander ScHÖnegger
Managing Director, Philip Morris Austria

It was because of Juan’s amazing storytelling skills that we could shape and refine our ideas. Together, we successfully worked on our strategy & story and developed an awesome story.

Dimitrious Prodromou
Co-Founder, Humanizing Technologies

Workshop Schedule

  • Day 1

  • Day 2


Workshop Starts


Lunch Break


Workshop Continues




Workshop Continues


Day 1 Closing + Q&A


48 hours access to the day recordings. Q&A is available only during the live workshop.

All times in Central European Time

Your Investment

One Workshop Registration


  • Full access to all training sessions & materials of the 2-day workshop
  • Dedicated group feedback during the live workshop days
  • Replay videos for 2 weeks after the workshop
  • Limited group size
Workshop VIP


  • Full access to all training sessions & materials of the 2-day workshop
  • Dedicated group feedback during the live workshop days
  • Replay videos for 2 weeks after the workshop
  • Extra 1:1 online coaching session with Juan for tailored implementation support, feedback, and skills development.

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