We Help Experts Grow Their Brand, Income, and Impact Within 90 Days

Turn your expertise into a persuasive signature story that inspires people to take action.

Speak With Confidence

Be ready to jump on any stage with confidence.

Hook Your Audience

Create interest fast regardless of your audience.

Build Authority

Position yourself as the industry expert to follow.

Inspire Action

Make a positive impact in your customers lives.

Sharing Your Expertise From The Stage Is Hard

Do you struggle with...

  • Getting people hooked and keeping them interested in what you have to say?
  • Positioning yourself as an expert without sounding like you are bragging?
  • Overcoming your public speaking anxiety so that you are always ready to perform?
  • Inspiring people to take action and join your movement?
  • Attracting people to work with you by positioning yourself as an industry expert?
  • Getting opportunities to speak in front of others at events, podcasts, etc.?

If yes, we get it. It's not your fault, you are just too close to see it all come together.


At inspiring speaking

We Help Experts Like You

Go From

  • Holding themselves back by avoiding opportunities to speak in public.
  • Struggling to figure out what to say to what audience.
  • Hidden champions that nobody knows about struggling to grow their brand and income


  • Using the stage strategically to accelerate growth organically.
  • Quickly using storytelling to deliver lessons in an engaging and memorable way.
  • Positioning yourself as an industry expert that attracts people looking to work with you.


Inspiring Speaking?

Inspiring speaking is the first 90 Day Acceleration Program dedicated to helping experts ready to grow their brand, income, and impact using the stage.

Through our proprietary SEP Framework, we help you define, develop, and deliver a signature story that scales your reach organically without sounding "salesy"

Roman Grochol

Startup Lab, DHL

"Juan's profound knowledge in state-of-the-art presentations and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. 

Having 3 out 4 teams proceed to the intrapreneurship program speak volumes of his abilities."


Grow Your Brand and Income Through Persuasive Storytelling

Go from being one more person in your industry to having people want to work with you no matter the price in 3 clear phases.

Define Your Position

Identify a unique market gap that matches your vision for the industry.

Develop Your Story

Package your expertise into an engaging and persuasive signature story.

Deploy Your Strategy

Get booked to deliver your talk at events and podcasts attracting people to work with you.

Who Is This Accelerator For?

If you are an expert or leader who believes there is a better way for people to do things in your industry, and are ready to help them out, then this program might be for you.

  • You would like to know you are doing things right with dedicated professional feedback.
  • You want the peace of mind of follow a proven step-by-step system to developing and delivering your signature talk.
  • You want to build a warm list of people who know you and trust you and are interested in buying from you.
  • You want to easily get in front of your target audience by getting booked to speak at industry events and podcasts.
Petar Ivanov

"Juan showed us how to present our idea, how to structure our message, how to influence the audience and get their attention. 

Last but not least, out of 30 teams, we won the competition thanks to his coaching and ended up in Bloomberg TV"


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Hi, I'm Juan

I help experts go from hidden champions that hold themselves back by avoiding the stage to shinning stars inspiring their audiences to take action so that they can grow their brand and income.

The Inspiring Speaking Accelerator is the first program designed to help you package your expertise into a persuasive signature story that positions you as an industry expert without needing decades of experience.

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