How You Hold Back Your Business And Life From Success

It doesn’t matter your industry, type of customer, or what your goal with your business is.

There is a group of obstacles that hold back your business no matter how hard you work.

Obstacles with the power to limit your success.

Obstacles you can’t see.

Obstacles that live within you.

And just as you thought you’d handled them, they are reborn in a different form.

Those obstacles are… your beliefs.

Your beliefs towards life, relationships, and business.

Whatever your beliefs are, they shape what you do, how you do things, and how you perceive what happens to you.

That means, they determine your income, who you hang out with, your health, etc.

Change your beliefs and you will unlock another level in your life.

Everybody believed it wasn’t possible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Until 1954, when Roger Bannister broke the record.

Today, more than 1600 athletes have run a mile in under 4 minutes.

In your business is the same.

“Scaling in this market is not possible.”

“It’s impossible to find the right people.”

“Just need to make my product better.”

and so on…

Limiting beliefs are all over the place, always ready to hold back your business.

How To Find The Limiting Beliefs That Hold Back Your Business?

The easiest way is to listen to your message.

Your whole business is expressed in your message.

So a confusing message is the result of your beliefs. 

If you are to get people to want your product in less than 90 seconds…

If you are to make the impact you envision…

You need to transform the way you think about your business.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs crush the limiting beliefs that hold back their businesses.

So that they can make an impact and build the life of freedom they envision.

After more than 7 years of helping entrepreneurs transform their message, I’ve realized the need to go deeper.

This is why I’ve launched 90 Second Business.

So How Can You Take Action?

Think of where you are in your business and where you would like to be.

Think about the bottlenecks that hold back your business?

Is it marketing? sales? operations? costs?

Well as the founder, it turns out that whatever you identify to be the bottleneck is actually the result of the problem. 

The real bottleneck is rooted in a belief you have about that particular process.

Can’t scale? Limiting beliefs towards operations.

Not enough clients? Limiting beliefs towards marketing and sales.

Can’t find the right people? Limiting beliefs towards recruitment or team management.

Not enough cash? Limiting beliefs towards pricing, costs, and accounting.

It’s easy to blame the market, the clients, or the competition.

And while there are many factors that come together to make a business successful.

The only thing in common between all of them is you.

How I Discovered My Limiting Beliefs

When I saw the grade, I immediately knew it.

No more scholarship.

With 2 years to go. I had no clue how I was going to tell my parents…

Especially when I had everything booked to go on a trip to visit a friend out in California 3 weeks later…. Hmm

It was not an easy call to make.

As migrant parents, going through their own struggles, in constant need of cash, and without the connections at home, things were tough.

But, still, to my surprise, they told me I should go.

When I arrived in LA, things were not working out in my life.

It’s 2006, I had been living in the US for 3 years and:

  • I had just lost my scholarship due to low grades,
  • My relationship with my parents was challenging because of everything that was going on.
  • And it was really hard for me to connect with people and build meaningful relationships.

But as I arrived in California and saw the beach, and the cool people, I felt different there.

There was a different vibe.

That’s when I realized what the problem was.

This whole time I’ve been in the wrong place.

The problem was Atlanta and so to fix my situation I had to move to California.

That was the answer.

The night before flying back, I’m sitting on the beach reflecting on my life as I planned to move to California.

One by one, I’m looking into the different things going on in my life.

And then it hit me.

If I move to California, eventually I’m going to have the same problems I’m having in Atlanta.

Because the only thing in common between everything that is happening in my life is… me

If I move here, I’m just going to bring that stuff with me.

The problem was my attitude, my beliefs.

I had certain beliefs about how my life in the US was going to be, and when that didn’t happen I got frustrated.

These limiting beliefs held me back in every area.

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs.

So I took a deeper look into my situation, trying to understand how I ended up where I was.

The moment I took 2 steps back to see the big picture, I realized the unique opportunity I had.

How many people wouldn’t do anything to study in the USA?

And there I was, throwing it all away just because I was angry and frustrated with the world.

How about those people who couldn’t graduate on time, because I took the last spot in the class… only to fail it later.

How about all the work my parents were doing to make things work for us?

Or all the sacrifice I was doing by leaving my friends, my life, my culture, etc.?

Was all that going to be wasted?

The moment I realized that the problem wasn’t my environment but my attitude, everything completely transformed.

Now I was in power.

So made it a promise to go back and completely changed my life.

And I did…

3 out of the 4 semesters I had left, I was recognized by the Dean due to my high grades.

Within 1 semester I managed to get my scholarship back after.

I began to work on campus, got more involved with the university, and connected.

And I even got a girlfriend!

What Happens When You Overcome the Limiting Beliefs That Hold Back Your Business?

While skills take time and a looot of work to develop, it’s not the same for overcoming limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs might hold you back for years, but all it takes is:

1 paragraph.

1 sentences.

1 idea to completely open your mind to a world of new possibilities.

Just take a look at the recent growth in your company.

You’ll see that thanks to an A-Ha moment you were able to see things differently and implemented a new opportunity.

So in case you are struggling to get in the right mindset.

In case you feel that there is no way to change things, I ask you…

Are you trying your best to break through the limiting beliefs that hold back your business?

How about the sacrifice of not getting a stable job or the peace of mind of a fixed paycheck

How about the sacrifices those around you make to see you succeed?

How about the sacrifices customers make to give you their hard-earned money?

It’s easy to blame external things beyond your control.

It’s scary to take responsibility and see yourself as the bottleneck in your business.

But the reality is that once you do.

You can take action.

More than scary is exciting, it’s liberating.

Now, you have options.

Shift the blame and change the questions you are asking.

The answers will transform your business and life.

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