How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Take Action Fast

It’s so hard to take action sometimes.

We tweak and perfect our ideas, products, and services. We are so eager to see them out there that we envision the final product.

But, then we keep coming back to the drawing board. Making sure they are as perfect as they can be.

Improving things without feedback, without knowing what needs to be improved.

Finding hundreds of ways to avoid the one thing that needs to get done. All so that we can operate out of our comfort zone.

Sort of like doing the line to get on the roller coaster only to let people pass once we are next to get in the cart.

And then comes the build-up. What if all that effort was in vain?

All that development for nobody to like it…

It’s so scary to take action.

So what can we do to get out of your comfort zone?

Well, with years of experience in not taking action, there is one thing I’ve realized.

It’s definitely worse having the power to help people and not using it.

So if you are paralyzed by the idea of sharing your craft with the world, shift the focus from you to the people you want to serve.

And make it your calling.

If you operate from a place of service, then there is no problem in being wrong, since, at the end of the day, the goal is to help.

Not about being right.

When you stop making it about you, your craft, your ego, there is a shift.

You go from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance. Operating from a place of abundance helps you add to the world and in return, the world adds to your life.

On the opposite side, scarcity takes from around you. Making you desperate. Constantly focused on what you don’t have.

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