Combining Storytelling, Empathy, and Purpose to help people develop their leadership

Leadership development through storytelling

The Inspiring Speaking


We envision a world where people are fulfilled with the work they do, with their relationships, and with themselves.

We believe your ability to communicate ideas effectively has a direct impact on your career, relationships, and income.

Luckily, communication is a skills that can be developed. It can be learned and taught.

Since your mindset, past experiences, and knowledge, define the things you say, it's possible to identify what holds you back by paying attention to your language.

That's why empathetically listening is at the core of what we do, constantly listening beyond what the person says, looking to understand how they feel.

Once you do, you'll be able to understand how you can truly help others grow. Giving you insights into what they desire. Making it easy for others to see why they need to take action on your message.

And lastly, bring the two elements together by sharing a story that allows people to transform themselves, connecting emotionally with the story so that they can realize by themselves why they need to take action.

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The Origin


From: Juan Guerra
Vienna, Austria

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by trying to understand why people say the things they say. But in 2011, everything changed for me.

I had to deliver a 5 minute presentation.

For 2 days I was living in fear, wondering why did I put myself in that situation. 

Finally the moment came.

As I started, my voice barely came out, within seconds my mind went blank, and my friend had to jump in to finish the presentation for me while I almost passed out in front of the just 10 people in the room.

As I walked out of the room, I realized I was in trouble.

That day, in that moment I promised myself never to be in that position again...

So since that day, I've said yes to any opportunity I had to speak in public. In the beginning, I sucked, big time! And people told me too, but then, with time, I began to get better at it. 

Next thing I knew, I started to get invited to speak in different countries, different cultures, different languages.

To this day I've delivered events in places like Iran, Norway, Georgia, Israel, Austria, Spain and about 10 more countries. I've spoken in front of more than 15,000 people combined, and my life, personally and professionally has been impacted directly because of it.

But it was in October 2014, in Poland, where at the end of my talk somebody came to me and said, "Juan, thank you for sharing your story, I've been struggling with a decision for 4 months and now I know exactly what to do."

In that moment, I understood the power of storytelling to impact people's lives.

Some of the organizations I've worked with since...

And many more...

The values

That Drive Us

Inspiring Speaking is your secret weapon, helping you grow your career and relationships by changing the way you see communication.

Through storytelling, we show you the different elements that come together to create a persuasive message that gets people to take action.


Develop hands-on, engaging, and professional programs that guarantee success.


Grow a community of like-minded individuals that turns into a movement bigger than us.


Provide the support and feedback you need to ensure you are on the right path.

what makes

Inspiring Speaking Different?

Introducing our SEP Framework


Move your audience emotionally with a message that is engaging and memorable.


Extreme empathy allows you to create powerful stories that connect and inspire.


The "why" is the essential element that gets your audience to take action.


Our Founder

Juan Guerra is an entrepreneur, born and raised in Venezuela. He did a Bachelor's in Business in the USA before moving to Vienna, Austria where he lives since 2011.

Inspiring Speaking, is the result of spending a lifetime trying to figure out why people say the things they say whether in person, in an email, in a presentation, in a website, etc.

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