Attract The Right Talents Organically

With an Employee Advocacy Program that turns your employees into Inspiring Speakers.

Build A Strong Employer Brand

Develop Your Employees

Attract The Right Talents


Empower Them To Build Their Own Brand Instead

Most employee advocacy programs rely on using employees' personal brand to distribute company content. Why not become the ideal employer by helping them grow their brand instead?

A NEW approach to

Employee Advocacy

Help your employees develop their communication skills, leadership and personal brand, and in the process, position your company as an attractive employer and industry leader.

Introducing the

Inspiring Speaking Accelerator

A 6 week coaching program designed to take you...


  • Unknown, lacking trust and recognition
  • Chasing clients and talents, dropping prices
  • Insecure, avoiding opportunities to stand out


  • Industry authority and awareness
  • Attracting customers and applicants
  • Leading high performance teams

How The

Accelerator Works

In this program, participants will...

Package Their Expertise Into A Signature Keynote

Apply To Get Booked By Events To Deliver Their Keynote

Grow Their Leadership Skills While Attracting Top Talents  

We've COACHED MEMBERS from these organizations & PROGRAMS

Juan's profound knowledge in state of the art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training.

Roman Grochol
DHL Startup Lab

Who Is This

Program For?

From healthcare to mobility, if you are looking to attract the right talents, this program will work for you regardless of your industry and stage.


Package your vision into an inspiring keynote


Get your Executives to share their insights


Get Middle Managers to share their learnings

The unique

Inspiring Speaking Method

By combining Purpose, Empathy, and Storytelling, participants develop a persuasive keynote that allows them to inspire their audience to take action.

Comfort Zone


Path To Success


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Employees Go Through The Program

See your employees transform into Inspiring Speakers


Deploy Your Keynote Funnel 

Receive applications as you grow your employer brand

This is the program we didn't know we needed to grow our business in terms of leads and applicants.

Anita Theil
CEO, ProQuinn


Inspiring Speaking

We are on a mission to move the world forward by helping people and organisations transform the way they communicate.

So that they can collaborate and innovate within a space of transparency and understanding.

Sounds interesting?

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What's the average weekly workload?

The average time commitment for a participant is 5 hours.

Who FROM MY TEAM MEMBERS should participate in the program?

This program is designed for your Middle Managers, these are for example, your Product Lead, Head of Engineering, etc. People who lead teams, have domain have domain experience and are interested in building a career within your organisation.

What kind of companies is this program for?

This program is for companies that:

  • See potential in using events strategically to position themselves as an attractive employer.
  • Employees are fluent in English.
  • Are committed to not only the professional development of their employees but also their personal growth.
  • Are constantly looking to create new channels for recruitment.
  • Are working on developing a culture that retains and fosters the growth of their Middle Managers.
  • Are looking to enter new markets.
  • See the brand value, recognition, and authority that comes from speaking at events.
  • Are not afraid to have their employees go to events and speak about the work they do.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered through:

  • A series of video tutorials,
  • Study materials,
  • Group coaching calls,
  • Dedicated and personalised feedback,
  • Company and participant support
  • And access to a community of fellow participants.

What should participants achieve in this program?

By the end of the program, participants will have:

  • Developed an inspiring keynote 
  • Will be in the process of getting booked by events to deliver their talk.
  • Developed their leadership skills, communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence.
  • Grown their professional presence and brand online and offline

How is this program different from others

While employee advocacy programs focus on having employees share company content on their social media, the Inspiring Speaking Accelerator approach is different.

By focusing on transforming your employees into Inspiring Speakers, they not only grow professionally but also personally, giving your company:

  • A better ROI on your Employer Branding by attracting the right talents.
  • The ability to retain talents longer by increasing employees; commitment to your organization
  • Possibility to measure the impact of the program giving you feedback on your efforts
  • Better leaders that